Keyscan VII(7) Repair

If you have an old Keyscan VII(7) system that is in need of repair Smart Build Technology is a area leading expert on the recovery of Keyscan VII(7) systems!

Has your security vendor told you that your only option is to replace the whole system? Or have they told you that it is no longer compatible? Are you without access to the system? Contact us today and we can help you get what you have working TODAY. We focus on realities of situations and getting a customer up and running is our #1 priority!

Services Offered:

  • System Recovery after Computer Crash
  • Migration to Windows 10 from Windows 7
  • Keyscan System VII (7) to Aurora Migration
  • General Maintenance on System
  • Database backup services
  • Database Migrations
  • Fob/Credential Export


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    Keyscan VII(7) End Of Life:

    You may have found this page because you have a Keyscan VII(7) System installed in your building and it is no longer working or barely working! Your security vendor may have also told you that it is EOL(End of Life) and can’t be fixed unless the whole thing is replaced! Replacing the whole system can incur significant costs $20,000+ and you need it working now!

    At Smart Build Technology we are tired of hearing about our customers being held hostage and are looking to help others in the same situation. All of our methods and practices come from years of experience in fixing issues when vendors said it could not be fixed without total replacement.

    Facts and Myths about Keyscan VII(7) that a Vendor might tell you:

    • Fact: Keyscan VII(7) does not support Windows 10
      • We have been successful with most installs running Windows 10, complications are typically with old serial adapters.
    • Fact: Windows 7 is EOL(End of Life) so we can no longer run Keyscan VII(7) and need to upgrade
      • While it is true Windows 7 is EOL, we are still able to use the operating system as long as we would like. Additionally measures can be taken to secure the system since it is no longer supported or receiving updates.
    • Myth: Keyscan VII(7) boards and controllers are not supported by the new Keyscan Aurora software
      • This is false, you can call Dormakaba support and read off the serial number of each board and they will be able to tell if it is supported, or needs a firmware chip replacement, or total replacement.
    • Myth: My PC/Server wont boot anymore so my database is gone!
      • This is false, in most circumstances the hard drive of the computer can be removed and data can be retrieved. In extreme circumstances hard drives can be sent out for recovery and repair.

    The following message is from Dormakaba, the manufacturer of Keyscan:

    Important note:

    Keyscan System VII access control management software will be at End-of-Life on June 30, 2021. After this date, we will no longer sell or support the System VII software.

    All System VII customers are encouraged to contact their representatives to learn about dormakaba’s recommended Upgrade Paths and Migration Plans to ensure your Keyscan investment continues to provide you the access control security you’ve come to rely on.

    Download System VII Software Update until June 30, 2021.

    If you are a registered user of Keyscan System VII Access Control Management Software with version 7.0.x or later, you may update your current version free of charge. Your present version can be found by selecting About in the Help menu on the Keyscan Client module.

    Do you have issues with a different type of access control system?

    Example Issues:

    • S2 admin page wont load?
    • TruPortal wont load after adobe flash EOL(End of Life)?
    • Doorking database loss?
    • Schlage Express recovery?
    • Saflok recovery and repair?
    • POT(s) line replacement with VOIP?

    We can help with many situations with our years of industry experience!

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    We Offer All Kinds of IT Services


    Network Consulting

    Networking is what makes us tick! If you need a network implementation for your base building systems or a WIFI deployment for employees or guests, we are your one stop shop. No matter the size our engineers are ready to tackle the request using the hardware you choose or up to our recommendation. We have extensive vendors including Cisco Meraki, HPE Aruba, Palo Alto, and Ubiquiti. No matter the budget or need we are here to complete your next networking project.


    Smart Build Technology works with corporations, property management companies, developers, and construction companies to develop robust technology plans based on research, and a thorough understanding of our clients’ workflow, vision, and goals. Through research, immersion, and thoughtful leadership we structure a comprehensive framework to address potential issues and necessary upgrades in both the short, and long-term. With extensive experience working with all needs found within construction projects, we are ready to tackle any problem.


    Complex Issue Solving

    Complex issues can plague your business for years causing thousands of dollars in unbudgeted expenses. At Smart Build Technology we have engineers that are knowledgeable in a multitude of areas including networking, access control, BAS/BMS, Fire Safety, Cell DAS, general servers, and operating systems like Windows Server, and Linux. We are ready to tackle any technical problem that may be plaguing your business.


    Information Technology (IT) is the process of storing, transmitting, receiving, and manipulating computer and telecommunications data comprised of structured cabling and pathways; Telecommunication Rooms, Enclosures, network switches/patch panels, servers/network-attached storage drives; and phone systems. Smart Build works directly with our clients to specify the right equipment for their unique needs. It is important that our building projects are future-proof and can handle the data networks that modern visualization, collaboration, and streaming require.

    Working Process

    Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Customers



    Reach out to us via email or telephone at [email protected] or 202-774-7814. Once we hear from you our team will work on scheduling an initial meeting and site visit at your soonest convenience.



    Site assessments are very crucial in the process of meeting your company needs. This is where we identify and gather the information that is needed to create a plan tailored for your building.



    After collecting all the information of your security needs, our engineers will design a security system offering the highest degree of stability and scalability while keeping your budget into consideration.



    This is where our highly skilled and trained installation team will execute and deliver your tailored security system at your building. After your system is installed we make sure your are fully trained with the complete knowledge of the functionality of your system.